The Company

OMNICHEM SAC is a company dedicated to providing high quality chemicals to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry as well as cutting-edge products used in the medical field.

We are in a constant process of diversification and development, which has been strengthened in recent years by the interactive attitude with our exclusive and ever-expanding portfolio of clients.

Our continuous search for innovative and technologically advanced products which easily adapt to our customer needs, enables us to meet their most demanding requirements.

Our representatives in different parts of the world are a fundamental factor for our service when it comes to “difficult products”. Our service strategy is based on the quality of our raw materials and finished products and also on the efficiency of delivery times. We are always there when our customers need us, providing practical and fast solutions.

We put special emphasis on investment in human resources, equipment and technology. We succeeded to find the best products, responsible suppliers and built a team of highly qualified professionals, thus enabling us to always offer quality products and services.

On our website you will find a list of our available products. Should you not find the product you need, please contact us.